Pullman Gift Pack

3 pack of our Pullman Premium Ciders


Oaked Russet Cider - ABV 7.2%

Made from 100% Annapolis Valley Golden Russet Apples, fermented and aged for four months with Hungarian Oak. Aromas of honey and apple pie with soft floral and caramel notes. A bold, complex cider with a delicate finish.


Sparkling Perry ABV: 6.2%

Made from 100% Annapolis Valley pears, this crystal clear sparkling perry is exceptionally smooth with mineral and floral notes. Refreshingly delicate and light, this perry drinks like a subtle white wine. Excellent with cheese, fruits and desserts.


Maple Bourbon ABV - 8%


A remarkably smooth, complex cider, with notes of maples syrup and bourbon. A cider worthy of any important occasion but remember your drinking 1 of 300 made so make it special. This cider was 14 months in the making. The primary fermentation was completed with a select blend of apples, which created a crisp and dry cider. Then filtered and transferred to a Kentucky bourbon barrel for a secondary fermentation with maple syrup and bourbon. It co-fermented in barrel for 10 months and finally was filtered and blended with local maple syrup to create a truly unique and exceptionally smooth cider.

Pullman Gift Pack