We keep it simple.  Fresh, and local is best. Menu items change frequently so stop in to see what our chef has concocted.


Chips - 6

Apple cider vinegar chips w salted sour cream. GF

Rosemary Bar Nuts - 6

Mixed nuts w rosemary, butter, brown sugar, cayenne & smoked maldon. GF

Warm Olives - 6

Olives w orange zest, garlic, fennel sweets, thyme, chili flakes & olive oil. GF/V

Bread - 6

Housemade bread w fresh ricotta & honeyed grapes. Veg

Frites - 6

Fresh cut potatoes with spicy aioli and green onions. GF/Veg

Corn Dogs - 8

Housemade chorizo sausage w paprika honey mustard


Daily Soup - 6

Fresh daily soup.

Chef Salad - 8

Fresh made cheese, pear, greens, mustard vinaigrette & pumpkin seeds.

Zucchini - 9

Fried zucchini strips w sumac aioli, basil & mint. Veg

Tacos - 10

Choice of two pulled pork or cauliflower tacos w queso fresco & slaw. Veg Option

Smoked Salmon Tartare - 13

Sustainable smoked salmon w herbed crème fraîche & handmade chips. GF

Charcuterie Board - 18

Local meats and cheeses, w housemade terrine, pâté, pickled fruit & veg, & jams. Served with crostini.


Fried Chicken Sandwich - 16

Fried chicken sandwich w cabbage slaw, mayo & lettuce. Served w frites or salad.

Beef Brisket- 18

Braised beef brisket w polenta, caramelized onions, carrots & onion jus, GF

Burger - 16

Beef patty w herb & garlic gouda, smoked bacon, charred onions & mustard gravy. Served w frites or salad. GF Option

Porchetta - 18

Porchetta with spicy white beans, wilted greens & tomato vinaigrette.

Risotto - 16

Made w locally grown mushrooms & parmesan. GF/Veg

Buddha Bowl - 14

Spiced chickpeas w sweet potatoes, broccoli, red onion, kale & tahini sauce. GF/V

Mile High Chocolate Pie - 8

Blueberry & Russian Cream - 8 - GF


Mile High Chocolate Pie - 8

Black Sesame Carrot Cake - 7 - V


GF - Gluten Free  V - Vegan  Veg - Vegetarian