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Kentville Cider, The Dayliner, Semi-Sweet Cider
The Flying Bluenose, Annapolis Valley Cider, Dry Cider
Train Hopper, Hopped Cider
Roundhouse Rhubarb, Rhubarb Cider, Local Food
Conductor Cranberry, Annapolis Valley Cider, Cranberry Cider
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Semi Sweet Cider - 5% ABV

The Dayliner
Canadian Wine Awards Silver Medal, Best Cider

Semi-sweet, juicy, and lightly carbonated, balanced with lots of crisp fresh apple flavour on the palate.


In 1956 the Dominion Atlantic Railway replaced their conventional steam locomotive trains with new Budd Rail Diesel Cars. The newest thing in passenger travel, THE DAYLINER was a fast, air-conditioned, stainless steel, self-propelled car that travelled The Evangeline route between Yarmouth and Halifax.

Dry Cider - 6% ABV

The Flying Bluenose

Dry and clean with crisp acidity. Light citrus, fresh fruit, and floral aromas. Slightly carbonated and very refreshing.

The famous Nova Scotian schooner wasn’t the first mode of transport to use the Bluenose name. THE FLYING BLUENOSE was a luxury express train operated by the Dominion Atlantic Railway from 1891 to 1936, aimed at American summertime tourists, connecting Halifax with passenger steamers in Yarmouth.

Hopped Cider - 6% ABV

Train Hopper
Canadian Wine Awards, Bronze Medal, Cider Award

Fresh citrus and hoppy aromas. Hints of grapefruit, floral and lemon notes mingle on the palate with a strong tart finish.


Our Train Hopper cider is dry hopped with three varieties of hops grown in the Annapolis Valley. Inspired by our cider maker’s grandfather, who train-hopped across Canada during the Great Depression. It is our cider tribute to IPA lovers, or anyone who’s ever caught a train on the fly.

Rhubarb Cider - 4.5% ABV

Roundhouse Rhubarb

Tart and crisp. Crystal clear and lightly carbonated, with hints of rhubarb on the palate.

The Kentville Roundhouse was an architecturally beautiful and unique building used to store and repair locomotives. It had 10 stalls and a 70-ft. turntable. It was tragically torn down in 2007 despite attempts to save it by heritage groups and railway buffs across Canada.

Cranberry Cider - 4.5% ABV

Conductor Cranberry

100% Annapolis Valley Apples are fermented dry and blended with local organic cranberries.  They are filtered crystal clean to create a beautiful pink cider bursting with cranberry tartness.

Over 200 Cranberries in every bottle!!

Spiced Cider - 8% ABV

Snowed In

Winter Cider is a deliciously sweet and spiced cider with notes of cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and nutmeg. Aromas of fresh apple pie. At 8% this cider goes down way too smooth. Perfect for a cold Nova Scotia winter! Pickup a bottle or come in for a pint now. (Also, may we suggest trying it warm?) 



Tired of uncomfortable rail travel, the American industrialist George Pullman developed the idea of a luxury sleeping car complete with a parlour, stateroom, dining room, and library, furnished with chandeliers and Cuban mahogany. By the late 19th century, the Pullman Company had perfected luxury travel, commissioning private and extravagant rail cars for the ultra-wealthy that attached to commercial passenger trains. In 1891 the Dominion Atlantic Railway purchased two Pullman parlour cars of their own - the Haligonian and Mayflower. The Pullman Series pays homage to these iconic trains with ciders that would have befitted George’s vision.

Russet Cider, Oak Cider, Local Cider

Russet Cider - 7.2% ABV

Oaked Russet Cider

Made from 100% Annapolis Valley Golden Russet Apples, fermented and aged for four months with Hungarian Oak. Aromas of honey and apple pie with soft floral and caramel notes. A bold, complex cider with a delicate finish.

Canadian Wine Awards, Bronze Medal, Cider Award
Sparkling Perry, Local Cider, Kentville, Annapolis Valley Cider

Perry Cider -6.2% ABV

Sparkling Pear

Made from 100% Annapolis Valley pears, this crystal clear sparkling Perry is exceptionally smooth with mineral and floral notes. Refreshingly delicate and light, this Perry drinks like a subtle white wine. Excellent with cheese, fruits and desserts.

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