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Dry Cider Lovers Gift Pack

Three bottle gift pack with a selection of dry ciders.


Oaked Russet , Sparkling Brut and Storm


Oaked Russet  - 8.4% 

Made from 100% Annapolis Valley Golden Russet apples, slow fermented and aged with Hungarian Oak. Aromas of apple pie and honey with notes of stone fruit and caramel. Rich, complex and exceptionally smooth.


Sparkling Brut - 7.2%

Champagne style, brut cider. A secondary cold fermentation was done under pressure to create a dry, bubbly cider with notes of fresh apple and stone fruit.


Storm (Hurricane Fiona) - 5.8%

Crafted with Honeycrisp and Gravenstein apples felled by Hurricane Fiona, this off-dry cider is clean and tangy, showcasing its varietal characteristics and helping our farmers recover a small part of their loss.

Dry Cider Lovers Gift Pack

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